RUDNÉ down puffer scarf Purple

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Minimal voluminous puffer scarf with pull-through slit from the new RUDNÉ, a project with a focus on nature, functionality, and honest materials.
Puffer Scarves Are the Baby Duvets You Need Around Your Neck This Winter
The absolute worst part about winter? Having to leave your super-cozy bed in the morning, fluffy blankets and all. But what if we told you that there’s a socially acceptable way to leave the house with a teeny little duvet wrapped around your neck? Well, there is—and it’s called the puffer scarf.

Less like your down jacket and more like your favorite feather-filled bedtime necessity, this scarf is just a long strip of quilted fabric that features a handy, stay-in-place design feature. Most of these cold-weather styles include a little keyhole on one side through which you thread the other side of your scarf. Unlike your go-to wool or cashmere iterations, these guys won’t unwind during a strong gust of wind or get stuck in the revolving door while you’re out on a holiday shopping spree.

Yeah, you might be surprised at just how much you’ll love a puffy, down-filled scarf. Here, shop five color of our scarves cold-weather must-haves.

Technical main material
Pull-through slit
Logo patch
100% polyester shell 100% polyester

Hand wash. Do not iron. Lay flat to dry

Dimensions: 140 cm x 38 cm



NavyBlue, Black, Green, Purple, Red


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